Announcement - 公告: We are now blocked by GFW and removed from WIKI by the "Chinese".

Written by Hong Kong Linux User Group on 2016-06-29 05:50.

Congratulation! It is our pleasure that the website of HKLUG is now blocked by the GFW, China, and the information on WIKI was removed by the "Chinese" because we are a "new" organisation and not "well-known" in "China". HKLUG was founded at 1997 in Hong Kong, which is aimed to gather GNU/Linux and Free/Opensource software(F/OSS) users or developers in Hong Kong, providing chances for them to exchange experience on GNU/Linux and F/OSS, helping new users, promoting F/OSS in Hong Kong and acting as a connection point of all the F/OSS users, developers and organization or community from overseas; in order to help the GNU/Linux and F/OSS Community. We are happy that we could receive this kind of nice present from our good neighbour to celebrate our 19th Anniversary. Thanks China. Your present is a credit of our works and is the energy source of our actions to promote the "Free(dom), and Open" culture on not only programming but also living.

開放數據與智能城市講座 (廣東話)

Written by Sammy Fung (Open Source Hong Kong) on 2017-09-24 11:18:18.

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Open Source Hong Kong - 開放數據與智能城市講座 (廣東話)

開放數據與智能城市講座將分享開放數據如何應用在智能城市方案,協助開發者思考數據分 享,在智能城市應用跟協同合作。設交流時間讓開發者互相認識和交流。 講座以廣東話進行。 活動同為 2017 Global Entrepreneurship Week China – Hong Kong (GEW 2017) 活動,及開源香港每月主辦的開源開發者聚會 #8 活動。 日期:2017年11月13日 (星期一) 時間:19:30