Announcement - 公告: We are now blocked by GFW and removed from WIKI by the "Chinese".

Written by Hong Kong Linux User Group on 2016-06-29 05:50.

Congratulation! It is our pleasure that the website of HKLUG is now blocked by the GFW, China, and the information on WIKI was removed by the "Chinese" because we are a "new" organisation and not "well-known" in "China". HKLUG was founded at 1997 in Hong Kong, which is aimed to gather GNU/Linux and Free/Opensource software(F/OSS) users or developers in Hong Kong, providing chances for them to exchange experience on GNU/Linux and F/OSS, helping new users, promoting F/OSS in Hong Kong and acting as a connection point of all the F/OSS users, developers and organization or community from overseas; in order to help the GNU/Linux and F/OSS Community. We are happy that we could receive this kind of nice present from our good neighbour to celebrate our 19th Anniversary. Thanks China. Your present is a credit of our works and is the energy source of our actions to promote the "Free(dom), and Open" culture on not only programming but also living.

參與 (HKOSCon 2016 介紹文)

Written by Sammy Fung (Open Source Hong Kong) on 2016-06-07 18:34:05.

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Open Source Hong Kong - 參與 (HKOSCon 2016 介紹文)

編按:從 5 年前 COSCUP 到去年的 HKOSCon,大家各式各樣的參與,對全球各地所有開源會議到社群業界都有支持和影響。所以 Sammy 在百忙當中寫了這篇名為「參與」的文章,希望各位能抽幾分鐘一看,透過「參與」來支持自己和社群業界。 五年前第一次去台灣開源人年會 (COSCUP),當年只是 1,200 人參與的 COSCUP 已給我一個很深刻的感覺,兩天就像走入歐美大型 open source 會議般,參與多場的演講,走過不同廠商及社群的攤位﹐還有親身見見久仰大名的開源貢獻者,以至十分熱情的百人義工團隊和社群朋友 以上一切,我們香港人,往往只能透過訂機票、訂酒店,飛到外地才能親身接觸得到。 機緣巧合,翌年被邀在香港舉辦亞洲區開源會議,打破以往我所想「香港辦開源會議很難」這個想法。繼而幾個人繼續在香港辦開源會議。 過往三年,香港開源年會

九巴廷續專營權的意見 要求開放數據

Written by Sammy Fung (Open Source Hong Kong) on 2016-04-18 08:04:06.

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Open Source Hong Kong - 九巴廷續專營權的意見 要求開放數據

本會 Open Source Hong Kong 聯同香港創意開放科技協會 (COTA) 及香港 Linux 用家協會 (HKLUG) 以香港開放源碼開發者及用戶社群名義,今天以電郵方式向運輸處提交開源社群對九龍巴士廷續專營權的意見,藉著這次公眾諮詢,要求公共巴士經營商提供開放數據 Open Data 以及 API,方便大眾自由地了解日常公共巴士運作情況。 以下是我們提交的意見書副本。 致: 運輸處 副本:

Open Data Day Hong Kong 2016

Written by Sammy Fung (Open Source Hong Kong) on 2016-02-26 05:21:18.

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Open Source Hong Kong - Open Data Day Hong Kong 2016

A group of open data fans organises Open Data Day this year in Hong Kong. Facebook Event: Hackpad: